Holly Roper

Holly Roper

I am in awe of the overwhelming dedication at Quorn to improving the health of people and the planet. As we propel towards a global population of 10 billion, there is a vital need for us to ensure we can guarantee a sustainable future for generations to come - this is where Quorn mycoprotein comes in, as a healthy protein source, with low environmental impact. I hope to engage our healthcare professional audience in a way that best suits their needs by not only providing them with our latest scientific research, but also communicating how they can practically implement this into their clients’ lives is central to my role here at Quorn.

Holly is a recent Masters graduate in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield where she also holds a Bachelors of Medical Science in Health and Human Science. Straight after graduating, Holly spent 6 months at the British Nutrition Foundation in Central London as their Nutrition Intern. Here, she gained valuable insight into the nutrition profession and the food industry, whereby she was able to develop her health and nutrition communications skills. Holly has experience in successfully engaging consumers with evidence-based, nutritional science that is coupled up with expert practical advice, enabling consumers to make informed decisions about their food and drink purchases.

Now at Quorn Foods, Holly is our Healthcare Professional Communications Officer and assists with the development and delivery of the HCP communications programme. Holly works both internally and externally to disseminate our extensive research agenda and to increase the reach and impact of our resources. Whilst at Quorn Foods, Holly has worked in collaboration with our strategic partners such as the BDA on projects surrounding sustainable nutrition.

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