Quorn mycoprotein

Quorn mycoprotein is a unique and nutritious whole food with a low environmental impact, which contains protein, fibre and micronutrients which are key to a balanced and sustainable diet.

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What is Quorn mycoprotein?

Quorn mycoprotein is a vegan protein source that can contribute towards a balanced diet and is suitable for those following a plant-based diet, or those looking to reduce their meat consumption and eat in a simple, healthy and environmentally conscious way.

Quorn mycoprotein is produced by harnessing the method of fermentation, but on a large scale – in tall, highly specialised fermenters similar to what you would find in a brewery!

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The history of Quorn mycoprotein

The story of Quorn mycoprotein started in the 1960s amidst concern around the growth in the world’s population and predicted food shortages. Discover the story as Quorn® continues to lead the way in research today and into the future.

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In the 1960’s experts were concerned about global food shortages and started looking for food alternatives among microorganisms

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Nearly 3,000 organisms were sampled from soil around the world before a suitable organism was identified

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15 years after embarking on the search for an alternative food, the first Quorn mycoprotein retail product came to market in 1985

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BDA - The Association of UK Dietitians

We are delighted to be in partnership with Quorn Foods. It is great to see food manufacturers presenting high quality evidence-based material on their website and including Registered Dietitians in the process

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