Dr Emma Derbyshire

We are currently in the ‘information era’ and transitioning into the ‘environmental era’ – I hope to debunk myths and iron out relevant areas of confusion regarding mycoprotein. It is also important to communicate and share high-quality science and research.

Dr Emma Derbyshire is an established nutritionist who has published over 150 peer-reviewed publications within the field of nutrition and public health, winning several writing awards. Her areas of speciality include maternal nutrition, public health nutrition and current food movements. Emma has had over 10 years’ experience of working in academia, as a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Human Nutrition and Physiology. She now directs Nutritional Insight Limited, an evidence-based scientific consultancy offering writing, research and communications support to private and public sectors and the media.

Emma has worked with top publishing houses, established food companies, supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturers, government organisations and communication agencies and has been involved in assignments in Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East. She is the author of the successful text ‘Nutrition in the Childbearing Years’, which sold internationally. Some of her papers have had more than 45,000 reads and are widely cited in both the scientific and public domains.

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