Tess Kelly

Tess Kelly, M.S. in Health Psychology from University of Nottingham

By translating the growing and cutting-edge research agenda of Quorn Foods and the specific insights we have to date on Quorn mycoprotein as a unique, healthy and sustainable protein source, I aim to accelerate the urgent global transition to diets that protect the planet and bolster human health by highlighting non-‘plant-based’ meat alternatives as viable and desirable additions to nutritionally balanced, ethical and accessible diets.

Tess holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from University College London, and a Master of Science Degree in Health Psychology from the University of Nottingham, focusing on the motivations for adopting plant-based diets in autoimmune disease patient groups. Tess spent 2 years working as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Research Associate in Nutritional Behaviour Change at Leeds Beckett University, where she ran a 2-year behaviour change programme focused on meat alternatives in community weight management settings. After accepting a role within the science and sustainability team at Quorn Foods, Tess managed several strategic projects and multidisciplinary research programmes to advance the sustainable nutrition agenda within the business, and now focuses on science communications and strategy.

These diverse projects have enabled evidence-based resources to be embedded into existing nutrition education and health promotion programmes related to Quorn mycoprotein. Her work communicating the science agenda and as a spokesperson for the business has enabled high-profile representation on behalf of the business at events taking place at Chatham House, the EAT Forum, and Westminster. Tess leads on the collation and publication of Quorn Foods’ Sustainable Development Report, and the Quorn mycoprotein website resource.

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