Professor Benjamin Wall

Working with Quorn has supported the aims of our research group. Specifically, by addressing areas such as whether Quorn mycoprotein can be used as a non-animal, sustainable dietary protein source to support muscle growth with exercise training, or muscle mass maintenance with ageing. Quorn Food's commitment to support fundamental science to underpin any ‘real-world’ claims enables us to work on high-level, intellectually stimulating questions that are of interest to the wider academic field. Working with Quorn has directly allowed the training of (so far) 5 early career scientists, 2 of which will graduate with accomplished PhD degrees in the summer of 2020 (all focussed on Quorn mycoprotein research).

Professor Benjamin Wall is a Muscle Physiologist, with a specific interest in how physical (in)activity and nutrition influence how muscle tissue adapts over the lifespan. He holds a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Birmingham, and a PhD in skeletal muscle metabolism from the University of Nottingham Medical School, UK. Benjamin is currently an Associate Professor of Nutritional Physiology at the University of Exeter, where his research group is focusing on the role of dietary protein to improve muscular training adaptations for sports nutrition, and in supporting healthy muscle tissue during ageing. They have particular interest in investigating where high-quality dietary protein could, and should, be obtained from (e.g., animal vs non-animal derived sources).

Benjamin obtained his PhD, and successfully completed his post-doctoral training at Maastricht University Medical School, The Netherlands. He also established the Nutritional Physiology Research Group at the University of Exeter, where they perform state-of-the-art research within the field, and contribute to the scientific community via peer-reviewed publications, training of PhD and postdoctoral scientists, communicating at international conferences and teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

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