Professor Gary Frost

Professor Gary Frost

Dietary carbohydrates and the role they play in physiology have been the major focus of my work.

Professor Gary Frost is head of Section for Nutrition Research at Imperial College and leads the Imperial Centre for Translational Nutrition and Food Research. He has been a qualified dietitian since 1982 and gained his PhD in Nutrition during his time working at Hammersmith hospital. Prior to being appointed Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Imperial College in 2008, he held the same position at the University of Surrey.

Gary and his team were the first to demonstrate the impact of low glycaemic diets on adipocyte metabolism. His more recent work investigates the role of dietary carbohydrates on body composition and appetite regulation. His other interests include short chain fatty acids, food structure, obesity management, dietary intake and nutrition in the elderly, where he collaborates with other field experts to conduct research. He also has had a long term interest in the metabolic effects on Quorn mycoprotein.

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