Dr Tim Finnigan

Dr Tim Finnigan, Chief Scientific Researcher at Quorn Foods.

In order to ensure a sustainable future, we will need healthy new proteins with a low environmental impact, and Quorn is a great example of this. But in order to support and promote changes in dietary behaviour, we need great food and an evidence base that can remove consumer uncertainty through proof points that can withstand robust scrutiny. This is the focus of our research.

Dr Tim Finnigan serves as Chief Scientific Officer at Quorn Foods, responsible for the research collaborations that underpin our agenda for sustainable nutrition. With over 30 years at Quorn, Tim has designed many of the products, processes and intellectual property held by the business, as well as advancing an ever deeper scientific understanding of Quorn mycoprotein and its contemporary role in assuring a sustainable food future. Tim is also a keen exercise enthusiast committed to the possibilities of healthy ageing.

Tim is a Ph.D. graduate of the Food and Biosciences faculty of the University of Reading and has held innovation roles in UK government food research, Kraft General Foods, APV, RHM, AstraZeneca and Premier Foods. He designs and directs fast-paced and profitable scientific research and innovation through high-performing teams. Tim has been instrumental in helping to establish Quorn Foods as the world’s leading sustainable protein business.

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